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Our Staff

The highly professional and knowledgeable team at Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery realizes that patients need accurate information, skilled care, and close personal attention.

Our compassionate and dedicated team wants your experience to be pleasant and will help you feel as reassured and relaxed as possible. Our team also maintains up-to-date training so that they are able to provide you information on all of the latest techniques, services and products.

Our patient counselors will meet with you in a private setting allowing you to feel comfortable as you take advantage of reviewing the options offered for body contouring.

Each team member is here to assist you in having the most positive experience.

Lisa White, Administrator

Lisa White

Janet Rosin, Accounts Payable Specialist

Janet Rosin
Accounts Payable Specialist

Marsha Chamlies, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Marsha Chamlies
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jane Emerton

Jane Emerton, RN
Dr. Michael Bentley

Shannon Melton

Shannon Melton
Medical Assistant to Dr. Pat Budny

Melinda Thornton, RN

Melinda Thornton, RN
Dr. Doug Robertson

Mandy Warnix

Mandy Warnix
Medical Records

Eugenia Means

Eugenia Means
OR Technician

Heather Dees

Heather Dees
Patient Counselor

Becky Jackson

Becky Hall
Patient Counselor


Bali Sullivan
Scheduling Coordinator


Whitney Knott
Medical Assistant

Lyz Dailey
Medical Assistant & OR Tech

Lynn Gorman
RN, Dr. Michael Bentley

Hannah Sinclair
Receptionist & Scheduling Coordinator

Meagan Hammonds
Scheduling Coordinator

Candace Scroggins
Licensed Esthetician

Natalie Hora
RN, OR Nurse

Bridgett Bailey
Spa Scheduling Coordinator

Melinda Cole
RN, OR Nurse

Ella Montminy
Medical Assistant to Dr. Doug Robertson

Everything you could ask for in a Plastic Surgeon! The staff is amazingly supportive and so helpful walking you through any process. So grateful for all of them!

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Dr. Robertson

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