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Years of squinting, concentrating, or frowning can cause your skin to furrow and crease. As time passes, your skin becomes less elastic, leaving moderate to severe frown lines between your brows, across your forehead and around your eyes. We understand that a surgical procedure is not for everyone, and that is why we are proud to offer non-surgical options – such as neurmodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic – to achieve a more youthful appearance with no downtime.

Even though neurmodulator injections are a simple procedure, it is important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure the safest and most natural results. Our doctors and staff always have your personal health in mind, and want to provide the most natural results for you.

What are neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators, like Botox Cosmetic, can be injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows for a short period of time. Neuromodulators works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles, which reduces muscle activity that causes the lines to form.

Your Botox Treatment

Although your results will be visible, neuromodulators like Botox will not radically change your facial appearance. You will still be able to make facial expressions, but without the wrinkles and creases between your brows. No matter what ethnicity and skin type, your skin color or texture will not be affected because the procedure only works on underlying muscles.

Botox is perfect for the person on the go. The injections are usually brief, with the entire process lasting approximately 10 minutes and includes zero down time. Patients experience minimal discomfort; however, your doctor may numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting.


While results are not immediate, you may notice a softening in your appearance within 24 to 72 hours, with the injected area continuing to improve for up to a month. Your outcome may vary, but results have been shown to last up to four months. To better understand what to expect, talk to your doctor, and he will recommend when to schedule your next appointment.

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Everything you could ask for in a Plastic Surgeon! The staff is amazingly supportive and so helpful walking you through any process. So grateful for all of them!

- BA

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