Skin tightening: Firmer feeling, younger looking

ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth Face is a non-invasive procedure that combats the signs of aging without surgery by using radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the skin and stimulate your body’s own collagen. By using RF energy and a temperature-controlled hand piece, your provider will gently heat targeted tissues below your skin, until the desired endpoint is achieved.

Why is collagen important? Collagen is a protein that makes your skin firm and elastic. The natural aging process can diminish collagen, which results in a loss of your youthful appearance. In fact, after age 20, collagen production diminishes by 1% a year. The second layer of your skin, the dermis, loses up to 80% of its thickness during the natural aging process.

Benefits of ThermiSmooth include:

  • No downtime
  • No surgery
  • For all skin types and tones
  • Helps with skin laxity, wrinkle improvement and smoothing

Optimizing Results

To ensure optimal results, we prescribe strict Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatmentcare guidelines for our patients to follow.

Your provider will likely recommend 4-6 treatments depending on the area you are looking to treat and the condition of your skin. These treatments are spaced 1-3 weeks apart to ensure the skin’s collagen is reacting safely with ThermiSmooth.

Am I a Candidate for ThermiSmooth Face?

Our specialist will determine if you are an ideal candidate. A few contraindications include but are not limited to:

  • Fever or skin infection in or around the area of application
  • Active implant such as a cardiac defibrillator, pacemaker, insulin pump or cochlear implant
  • Received a neuromodulator (BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin, etc.) and/or dermal filler (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, etc.) within the last 2 weeks
  • Nerve insensitivity
  • Pregnant
  • Wound, infection or cut in the targeted treatment area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each treatment takes one hour or less to perform.

Mild or temporary discomfort may be experienced to the localized treatment area. During the treatment you should feel warmth and will be able to provide ongoing feedback to the individual performing the treatment. Therefore, no anesthetic (local, oral, or systemic) is used prior to or during the treatment. Most patients describe the treatment as a warm massage.

The most commonly treated areas include the forehead, eyes, cheeks mouth, and neck.

You will not have to take time off from work or social engagements. You could experience redness and swelling, which typically goes away in 2-24 hours.

Many clients start to see results after the first treatment. However, maximal improvement can be seen after 3-6 months. As the aging process continues, your skin will begin to loosen slightly. Therefore, we recommend one maintenance treatment every 4-6 months to maintain your maximum results. Results may vary and will depend on the initial amount of laxity, lifestyle and sun exposure. ThermiSmooth will not produce the dramatic results seen with surgery.

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