Non-surgical body contouring: Reduce Fat without downtime


Vanquish is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat-reduction alternative to liposuction that targets moderately-sized areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, including possible skin-tightening benefits. Selective RF energy is delivered simultaneously across the region and absorbed only by the body’s fat layer, leaving surrounding tissues undamaged. Vanquish is ideal for patients within 10% of their ideal weight, maintain active lifestyles, but are struggling to lose pockets of fat in stubborn areas such as the abdomen and inner thighs.

What to Expect

During the procedure, the Vanquish device is positioned by our specialist approximately 1-2 centimeters above the area being treated. The procedure is contactless and performed in a lying down position so you can relax during the procedure. The heat decomposes fat cells, which are then cleared through the lymphatic system with proper hydration. Water intake is critical to the overall outcome of the procedure.

The benefits of Vanquish ME include:

  • Treats multiple areas at once
  • Not limited to BMI <30
  • No surgery or downtime
  • Treats all skin tones and textures

Optimizing Vanquish Results

To ensure optimal results, our trained specialist will likely recommend approximately 4 sessions, scheduled 1 week apart. We also prescribe strict Pre-Treatment (link) and Post-Treatment care guidelines for our patients to follow. Following your treatment, our providers will discuss the proper post-treatment care.

Patients interested in nonsurgical fat reduction without skin tightening might consider CoolSculpting (link) treatments.

Am I a Candidate for Vanquish ME?

Our specialist will determine if you are an ideal candidate. A few contraindications include but are not limited to:

  • Active implant such as a cardiac defibrillator, pacemaker, insulin pump or cochlear implant
  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Metal implants
  • Heat sensitivity
  • Pregnant and/or nursing

Everything you could ask for in a Plastic Surgeon! The staff is amazingly supportive and so helpful walking you through any process. So grateful for all of them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A treatment typically lasts 45 minutes for the abdominal area and 30 minutes per thigh.

Most patients report a warm sensation in the treated area. However, the main advantage of Vanquish Me is that it is comfortable and pain-free, eliminating the need for anesthesia. You are able to return to your daily activities right after each session.

Areas of treatment include the abdomen, thighs and arms.

You may experience mild to moderate erythema (redness) that will last from a few minutes to an hour or possibly longer. Your skin may feel warm for up to a few hours after treatment as deep tissue retains heat longer. This is a common effect and will resolve over time on its own.

Some patients report seeing results as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment. However, this will depend on the area treated and other factors. Results last up to six months or longer and will depend on the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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