Avoid “Real Housewives” Facelift Results with These 4 Guidelines

While many patients tend to start with dermal fillers for treating facial lines and wrinkles, we all know that these aren’t a permanent fix, leaving you with the need for follow up treatments in order to keep your results. That’s why there are just as many others that are ready to go all-in with a surgical facelift that’s going to give them the lasting results they been longing for.

Finding a surgeon that’s going to be able to give you natural results isn’t always an easy task, and unfortunately, going with the wrong one could leave you with the not-so-natural “Real Housewives” look. Along with selecting the right surgeon, here are four pieces of advice to ensure you get the natural results you desire.

  • Do find a board-certified plastic surgeon. Going cheap is not the way to go when it comes to a facelift, or any surgical procedure for that matter. If you want to avoid any tell-tale signs of a facelift gone bad, you most definitely start by putting your face in the hands of a highly experienced, highly trained surgeon. Spend time talking with your surgeon about the natural results you want to ensure you’re both on the same page.
  • Don’t overuse fillers during a facelift procedure. While it’s common to administer a dermal filler to enhance facelift results, over-doing these fillers can lead to a more bloated or fake appearance.
  • Do lift and tighten to where results look natural. Back in the day, during a facelift, a surgeon would pull the facial skin tight and remove the excess, leaving an unnatural, “windswept” appearance. Today, trained surgeons are going to know the proper way to lift both muscle and tissue under the skin in order to give you more natural results.
  • Do maintain the natural hairline. An unusual hairline is a big indicator of a bad facelift. While many patients think this may be the way to go in hopes of hiding any incisions, this is a very bad idea. There’s no reason to hide these incisions in the hairline as they tend to heal very well.

Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery is the largest aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice in Central Alabama. You can feel comforted by our highly-credentialed, board certified surgeons who take great pride in helping men and women achieve their goals and increase their self-confidence and pride in appearance. Reach out to us today for a consultation to get the look you’ve always dreamed of!

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