Liposuction: Top 4 Misconceptions and the Facts You Should Know

While it’s common for people to believe that liposuction is a great solution for those looking to effortlessly shed unwanted pounds, this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

With the prime candidate for liposuction being well within their desired weight, most patients who have this procedure have tried to get rid of fat in stubborn areas with diet and exercise, all to no avail.

While this may be the most common misconception about liposuction, it’s far from the only one. Below, we’ll explore the top misconceptions surrounding liposuction, plus, the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Liposuction is a weight loss solution.

Fact – Liposuction is typically recommended for those who are already within 30% of their ideal weight. While it does remove fatty deposits that have proven to be resistant to diet and exercise, it should be thought of as a more contouring procedure that gives you the shape you want in a certain area like the thighs, buttocks, or arms.

Myth #2: Liposuction is only for women.

Fact – Liposuction may commonly be associated with women, but these days, men are just as likely to have the procedure. The main areas men are looking to treat are the abdomen, love handles, and chest, while women tend to want to remove fat from their hips and thighs.

Myth #3: Liposuction isn’t a surgical procedure and doesn’t have any downtime.

Fact – Many believe that because liposuction is typically performed on an outpatient basis, that it’s not a surgical procedure, but that’s just not the case. Your surgeon will likely give you general anesthesia and make several incisions during the surgery. After the procedure, patients typically need a week or more to recover, depending on how many areas were treated. Most patients tend to have some bruising for about a week or two, along with soreness, which typically lasts less than two weeks.

Myth #4: Liposuction results magically last forever.  

Fact – Liposuction permanently removes fat, but it doesn’t stop fat from coming back. That being said, the results will last, but it does require effort on your part. If you stop exercising and no longer eat a balanced diet, any weight gain will obviously negatively impact the results.

Now that you know the truth about liposuction, you’re better informed to decide if it might be right for you. If you’re looking for a body contouring procedure that will help you achieve your desired shape in certain areas of the body like the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, chin, or neck, then you may be a prime candidate. If this sounds like you, one of our board-certified surgeons is ready to help you achieve your desired results today.

Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery is the largest aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice in Central Alabama.  You can feel comforted by our highly-credentialed, board certified surgeons who take great pride in helping men and women achieve their goals and increase their self-confidence and pride in appearance.   Reach out to us today for a consultation to get the look you’ve always dreamed of!

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